Chemical Free Cleaning

Chemical free cleaning for offices & homes in Hawaii:

Improve health of your Ohana and workers!

Our beautiful Hawaii has some of the cleanest and highest air quality in the world! If we have to spend most of our time inside, the clean air might serve very little benefit if we are breathing the indoor air laden with cleaning chemicals all day. We are able to change that for you & your workplace: Science & advancement of technology in equipment will actually now allow us to accomplish this and the cleanest environment possible without any toxic chemical use. We utilize proprietary "Chemical Free Cleaning Systems" for your office and home to ensure your daily environment can remain free of potentially harmful cleaning chemicals.

For a healthy and beautiful Hawaii that is truly clean & chem-free guaranteed! For further info read below & visit our Library or call us at (808) 212-9522.

The importance of living and working in a chemical free environment has become more and more obvious. Toxic exposures can be found everywhere. Indoor air is the #1 source of most chemical exposures and our noses are often not enough to tell us if or what we are breathing or living with is potentially toxic. The #1 factor in achieving no indoor exposure is cleaning without toxic chemicals. Aside from the more obvious chemical sensitivities of people with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), asthma, allergies, respiratory reactions, skin reactions, dizziness, fatigue and so forth, indoor air quality and cleaning is at the pinnacle of our long standing health. You might have heard of the so called Green Chemicals, but even they can have detrimental consequences to our health and may affect our mental clarity & wellbeing. We know what chemical free cleaning means to your health, productivity and our environment. This work is no simple task but we are happy to present our up-to-date solutions and cleaning programs made just for YOU!

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